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That just looks like good times. Reminds me of my old CBX.

Cheers Pete. RIP

I have an 09 FZ1 and it is a terrific bike just like my 99 VFR in many respects but much more power and sportier feel. Saw one in Malibu with full knobbies last Friday. It can do it all. Had mine on the track twice now and it was quite at home. Did a touring ride past BigSur up into NorCal past SF and it did great.

Off Topic / Re: Rider down 405 at Bake RIP
« on: 11/09/18 07:57PM »
I usually say something to the effect that "a long as I ride as though I'm invisible and everybody is trying to kill me its safe, or at least not that bad". Most say yeah you have fun, go away satisfied to take their car. Most know they are to lazy to be responsible for their own safety, a good thing as they shouldn't be on a bike.
it's not so much dangerous as it is unforgiving as I recall someone more eloquent than I am saying. Last guy I tried to curb his enthusiasm went ahead bought a Kawi 300cc and promptly crashed it on his maiden voyage. "The wind blew me off the road." That is the level of rider I am speaking to when I say, "not for everyone". I do encourage dirt riding instead to develop basic riding skills.

I want to do this race next year if they have it.  :42: finding places to watch it was not that difficult years ago when the brought this race back from extinction. Go if you can. Historic and inspiring experience.

Off Topic / Re: Rider down 405 at Bake RIP
« on: 11/05/18 09:20PM »
From the OC Register article it sure sounded like a lot operator error on the motorcyclist. I don't have complete faith they got the facts straight. (For unknown reasons.) I have actually started discouraging people who see me ride into work everyday and think it's a great idea from getting bikes of their own. I tell them it's not for everyone and the learning curve can be very painful. I see some pretty sketchy riders out there sometimes.

Building a 02 YZ250f for some MX track time.

New Members / Re: BACK FROM THE DEAD
« on: 10/18/18 09:05AM »
Welcome back. I cringe everytime people talk about great forums like this one petering out. It's the same everywhere on regional forums. Comes down to the people you like to ride with and hang out with.

I have to ungracefully bow out. My VFR is needing chain and sprockets badly and my FZ1 still has track tires on it that need to get me through a scheduled trackday. Going to take a short ride on the FZ1 on local roads then go home and get more work done on my dirtbikes and my house. Sorry.

That explains it. I responded to the VFRD post as well. I should be able to make this one.

Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 08/31/18 12:45PM »
Great bunch of people to ride with and a great ride. Maybe my new favorite. I think my weekends been booked up though. Hope to do it again soon.

Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 08/25/18 04:22PM »
Ok. I was looking for a Sunday local ride. I stumbled on to this thread. Not sure If I am in a time warp again. But I plan to be there.  See you tomorrow.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 08/25/18 03:35PM »
My 2009 is set up very similar to yours. I love the bike. Classic Yamaha graphics look great too. Windscreens are easy to replace. Mine is slightly higher than stock. I put a Givi rack tail box on it and with the tall bars, corbin seat it made a very nice sport touring bike. I have taken the rack off if you want it. Using mine as a track bike and sport bike now. I just can't seem to part with either the FZ1 or my 99 VFR800.
Great score. I do recommend the Hyperpro steering damper if you want to get the most out of your suspension upgrades. Bike is stunningly stable at track lean angles.

Post up and lets ride sometime. Actually there's a ride posted for The Pretender's farewell to S. Cal ride tomorrow at Glendora Mt. Road.  I plan on attending. Hope to see you there.

I really do want to do both a street adv tour and an all dirt adventure tour of Baja. Everyone that I know who has done these trips recently has nothing but great things to say about it and how well they were treated. Unfortunately I just read this. LOL.

Bikes For Sale / Re: WTB: Street Triple R
« on: 04/24/18 10:02AM »
Great bikes. I miss mine.

I have a friend who constantly complains about car finally moving over only once he begins to pass. Obviously he doesn't give them the opportunity to see him and is ungrateful they at least made the effort to give him space.
Same guy got clipped by a car that signaled, slowed down then exited the carpool lane illegally over the double yellows. He attempted to split past him rather than stop. Not defending the driver but i'd have tossed out the anchor if I saw that.
It did happen rather quickly and his gopro lens makes object appear farther away. But slow down your traffic splitting pace 5mph perhaps more reaction time.
Another friend used to be a moto courier explained he had to train himself to slow down to a pace where he could read the license plates of the vehicles he was passing. I now use this method for reference.

Very sad for both of these riders mentioned and a reminder for us all to choose our moments more carefully, stay focused and sharpen our skills at the track. Used to ride Ortega a ton back in the day. There are lot's of places where 75-80mph made plenty of sense to me. I think the added traffic and pavement quality has turned it into a scenic cruise for me these days.

Off Topic / Re: I got burned, Need advice
« on: 03/28/18 03:06PM »
Fair price? I almost bought my old Tuono back for $3k. Call Russia and get me a good deal Todd. I can pay in rubles or roofies and a fat sack of weed. Deal?
Glad it worked out for you and I agree this place is cool.

Flashing your highbeams is an acceptable communication tool during daylight hours. Simply means I want to pass or if a car/truck is signalling a lane change that they are clear to do so into your lane. Let's stop normalizing hypersensitivity. I am not in charge of anyones emotions but my own. Not honking, hitting the rev limiter wielding the bird. Simply on off  once or twice and wait and see.

Yea. I've sort of dulled on both ends of the gammut with cars. Cut me off or blocke me. Yeah whatevahs. Move over nearly running scraping a mirror on the K-rail, okay you get a wave. Move over like you should and not being a dick? No wave. What i can't  spend all day parade waving every car for doing what's normal. It can be a distraction. I have a tendency to wave at cars who crowd me. As if to say, "here I am. You missed me. I am a real person inside all this gear by the way". Trying to curb all the hostilities.
I flipped a couple drivers in the rain the other day. In reflection it wasn't all their fault i got forced into a skid and steer near miss maneuver. We were all three being too aggressive and I put myself in that position. No ones perfect.

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