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So I have put about 130 miles on the new tires and no vibration yet. I like the clean look. As to being a mess well I wonít be taking them off myself. Rather pay to have them taken off and put back on. And as to wearing out the inside I donít think so since they are non metallic and they would swirl around the rubber not the rim.

I have had the luxury of riding several different motorcycles and tires ranging from metzlers, Dunlop, Michelinís etc . But this is the first time I am riding them with beads in them. Whatís is your opinion on them ?  :17: so far I didnít feel any vibration and took them to 100 mph, until I ran straight up to the tail of a CHP unmarked suv  :21:

I use the beats iPhone ear buds and they are perfect!  Just keep it simple though they d0 cost $100.00

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/14/18 01:44PM »
 :44:Im going to need new tires. Just noticed a inch tear at the side wall front tire. I never seen this. Ride well everyone and I will ensure to let all pass  :17:

What a lesson to learn. I do hope he is ok. I learned a long time to hug the blind turns. I was able to walk away but my bike didn't.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Babes n Bikes
« on: 06/04/15 08:14PM »
Did you notice that the tank is a seat in the previous pic?  Wow great form!

Fallen Riders / Re: RIP Navy Serviceman on Red Ducati
« on: 06/04/15 07:45PM »
Ok you all.... Let's just learn from this.... First he is dead ... Why because of anger from what ever he might of did... It is truly unfortunate for a life to be lost ... Whether it was his fault or not .... Just be careful out there . calm your nerves and remember cars, trucks, semise, etc are bigger so put the egos away and please ride with your wits not your Braun. Cause a 3k lb vehicle will win... Against the 340lb bike. Just remember that .... Snuff said!

New Members / Re: New Member from Irvine
« on: 03/25/15 11:05PM »
Welcome aboard 😀

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Big Sur Ride (Aug 1-3 2014)
« on: 07/24/14 08:17PM »
Lol you still go through LA .lol
here is an article I wrote on Ojai if anything look at the scenery. Beats the boring roads between LA to PCH.
Be safe guys what ever you road you ride on  :29:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Big Sur Ride (Aug 1-3 2014)
« on: 07/24/14 06:16PM »
Just a suggestion.  Take the 5 N. To the 101 to Ojai 33 to 166 W. To 101 to PCH. That Is a heck of a ride.

Off Topic / Re: The beer thread,What are you drinking?
« on: 06/28/14 11:44AM »
  >:(Unfortunately I'm allergic to alcohol. But what would I do for a nice cold fosters :34:

Well i hope people get their bikes back. I know i would love to get mine back. I miss my car 929 fireblade.

Now a hog would keep you warm. That's the way to go. Keep safe and am waiting for the pix.

Off Topic / Re: Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day
« on: 11/10/13 08:07PM »
USMC 91 TO 97
To all men and women who served. Thank you.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: lane splitting
« on: 11/09/13 09:42PM »
I just rode my gsxr from irvine to west covina. I was forced out of my lane on a car pool on the 5, many cagers trying hugging the double aneso I ccouldn't pass ( lol I still did) an SUV merged onto my lane without using his blinker. Point is peeps ride safe and be cafeful out there.  there.  Well I still yet to drive home at midnight. Brrrrrrrrr lol

My condolences.  I recently lost a loved one not to a bike accident but still, I know how tough it can be. May you find peace.

As I was driving my car was literally was bieng pushed in different dirrections. Also there is vast amounts of debry out there. Please all ride carefully.

Fallen Riders / Re: Newport Beach crash
« on: 09/30/13 05:30PM »
R.I.P. and my condolences to his family.

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