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Thanks for posting! I will be making that trip in T-10 days.

 :32:  :32:  :32:

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Storage unit
« on: 03/04/11 09:38PM »
Storage spaces probably won't let you store a motorbike in the unit. Gasoline vapors for starters with no outside venting means a big kaboom at some point. Not to mention they'd have to post the cancer warning signs all over the place. Just sayin

I kept my bike in a storage unit for a month while I was moving between homes. I thought the gas would be problem, but the indoor storage facility was completely OK with it. My unit was on the third floor, I would have to push it to/from my unit and the freight elevator to get in/out. This particular facility had a lot of security too, code to get in the gate, your own padlock on steel door and security cameras everywhere with staff monitoring cameras at the front desk.

Are you planning to get a fish-only or coral set-up?

As others have mentioned, patience is key as it can take quite a while to cure live rock and establish a stable system. Coral will take even more patience and way more money. Do some more research before you spend your money, these are some books I would recommend, I was able to check these out from local OC libraries (can't remember which ones tho).

Highly recommended for corals...

Also, if your really serious, Saddleback College in Mission Viejo has a marine science program that includes a couple of classes on aquarium systems and management.

a bunch of overweight, gun loving rednecks, who produce crap

Have you lived anywhere else in the US besides SoCal?


I hope and pray that she recovers completely and that they soon fry the whack-job that shot her.


Off Topic / Re: I've got a horse outside...
« on: 12/13/10 08:24PM »

Bikes For Sale / Re: For Sale 2007 HondaCBR600rr Red
« on: 11/03/10 10:50AM »

Thanks for sharing your story Jerry. It is a good reminder of why gear and health insurance are a must for anyone who rides.

Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. :7: month in the hospital? That sounds like torture worse than your injuries!  :P

Bikes For Sale / Re: For Sale 2007 HondaCBR600rr Red
« on: 10/26/10 07:52PM »
 Sold yet? My bike needs a spot in the garage  :11:

Great vid  :29:

Bikes For Sale / Re: Feeler: 2007 HondaCBR600rr
« on: 10/08/10 08:22AM »
 :36: I can't believe what I am seeing :36:

I never thought I would see the day he would consider parting with that bike. Patrick :25: his Honda, taken care of as if it was his first-born child.

Crash Stories / Re: Kawi down in on I5 S.
« on: 10/03/10 02:30PM »
It was obvious that they were on the date and the guy was acting hardcore. He said his friend saw the accident happen. The car rear ended the rider from behind and the rider flew onto the car apparently. The bike then proceeded to a lowside across the lane.

However, what pissed me most off was his opinion. It is as following: "That is so funny how the accident happened too, baby. Those dumb motorcyclists, haha. It would be funny if the motorcycle guy started rolling as ball (he made rolling gestures with his hand). Or if the wheel fell off and rolled straight under the car along with the guy."

I'm pretty sure these were his words. Things that infuriate me always stick. It's a shame I didn't throw the punch.

OMG..I think my TeaZone drink would have accidently flown across the room and into his face.

Crash Stories / Re: Kawi down in on I5 S.
« on: 10/02/10 12:42PM »
Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.


This paper was an assignment for a management class I took earlier this year. Probably one of the most useful school assignments I have ever had. Jeff, I had a good giggle when I started reading it after recognizing it from some of your previous posts on OCmoto.


I think I have a picture somewhere you ladies (Jim is included in that) may like.  If I find it I'll post it.

I think you mean " ladies (and for you, too, Jim)..." just so there's no room for misinterpretation.  But thanks!  ;)


Okay Jim, you can have your man card back. I'm just busting on ya.

How is that helmet working out for you?

Great!  Still love it, best $5 (raffle) investment I ever made.


 :39: :40:

walk around in full leathers for a day.  do your normal errands like groceries, etc.

So that's why people look at me funny at Costco? I am a skilled grocery-backpack stuffer, I just haven't come up with a good way to transport a watermelon home.

that's a good one, shield down too.

Surprises me to see how freaked out people get about keeping helmet on, even with shield up.

I dare you to go into a bank with helmet on, preferably dark shield down.

That reminds me... I've been wanting to do a dash mount for a camera or my iPhone to record when driving for situations just like that. It seems like every time I drive somewhere I end up with multiple people trying to change lanes into me, blatantly cutting me off, or just doing stupid s**t and I keep having a feeling that sooner or later one of them is actually going to make contact. It's getting to the point where I'm just sick and tired of driving in southern California because of peoples' complete lack of awareness of safety for themselves and others. I even had someone cut across the quad-yellows of the carpool lane the other day and almost hit me then had the nerve to give me "the look" like it was my fault!

Lucky for me this mostly seems to happen while I'm in the car, not on the bike. *knock on wood*

You sound just like me.  :D

Planning to buy a couple of Go-Pros from Costco, one as a dash cam for the car and the other as a helmet cam. I've had way to many close calls as well.'s not just southern CA. There are  :24: drivers everywhere.

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