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Congrats....It doesnt mean you'll have to stop riding, you just have stop sleeping.

That was insane! He cut out 2 hours of bumper to bumper cage lock. I was more impressed with the speed he was pushing through the last section.

Been a few years my OCmoto peeps. Most of you don't know me... A handful do. Hooligan, Fez, Deadhand, Blue Eye Joker, Morgan, Nick Hill, Deathrider, Boswell...etc.

I couldnt load through a host for some reason...maybe cause I'm at work and suppose to be working!  :21:
But I did get to load some in my profile. 

New Members / Re: Greetings from the LBC
« on: 11/29/10 10:59AM »

Hay everyone... I'm back in Cali from a 6 month work effort for my job in Detroit MI.
Can't wait to meet all the new people and hang w/old friends. So if you have any carbon problems I'm allways available for ???'s 

Yamaha / Re: Need advice.. Yamaha 06 XT 225
« on: 08/09/10 05:37PM »
Thanks guys. I really miss u too.

Really it's my roomates. It has an enduro kit on it. But just dosn't have any balls. He's short, so a big 450 is just to much. He loves how comftable it is. That's why he wants to keep it.

Trust, if I would get one, it would be a supermotard.

Yamaha / Need advice.. Yamaha 06 XT 225
« on: 08/09/10 04:40PM »
Got this bike and want to upgrade the motor. Should I bore it or buy a second motor? What can I fit in it?

Ya, all this true. But they sure are THE lightest and sickest set up.
My money would be Alum. Light, easy care, low cost and easy to replace if it did break.

They sure look nice.   

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: I quit
« on: 05/30/10 07:53PM »
This is why I dropped $300+ on a pair of leather/textiles that zip to my jacket.

This is part of riding and if your not comftable with the facts then move along. The day I bought my bike I bumped into a dude in the lot as I was leaveing. A few months later he was in a wheel chair. Forever!

He still loves bikes but well never be the same.

Well all know someone that has went down. And as you can tell by the response on this forum, we care! We'll stand next to you in your desicion.


IMO the Ducati had 10s were it counts. Best lean angle, best coner stability, best torque, best weight w/fuel... It's all in what you're looking for.

Off Topic / Re: Looking for Poker Players
« on: 05/12/10 07:48AM »
I would be down but I'm heading out of town for a few months.... Hit up Strfire.

Did anyone see the slow mo when the bike took to the left?

Bike night is in Royal Oak on Thursdays! Don't party in the city unless it's in hockey town. 
Thats were I'll be staying at... Thanks Nick. Royal Oak is a hip little city with restaurants and bars to pass the time, until I get back to the OC.

I'll most likely be working 60-70 hrs a week, so not much time for play, but I'm going to try and check out some DJ house music, maybe hit up Canada and might make my way to NY....

Thanks everyone. Having a job right now is a real blessing and I'm going to ride this pony until she croaks!

I'm going away,

Yes I know your all soooo sad to see me go. But it's only a short term assignment. Roughly 2 1/2 months in Detroit MI. I'll most likely be winterizing my bike, or taking it to Newport to sale it. I don't know, If anyone is looking at buying it hit me up..."cough, Kevin, cough" lol

Project could be up to 2 years, but well see. Last time I was there I saw a few bikes, and hear there is a bike night. woot! I can still kick some tires.
See you all soon. I'll most likely be posting once and a while just to stay active.

Neither would I. Just another bobber w/ reverse hub. Although I admire Roland for his creativity....

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wear your gear!!
« on: 05/09/10 09:16AM »
Ya!!!!!! Specialy with those gay boots. Lol

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wear your gear!!
« on: 05/08/10 04:44PM »
I don't say cruising in "style" is not wearing gear! Style would be Dianese jacket, Icon streatable pants, and a pair of Spidi boots and gloves... to say the least! Of course one could have their own personal spin on this list.

I saw a fool wearing everything with running shows today. That's like being in a boxing match without a mouth guard!

Miscellaneous / Re: Oakley Polarized GASCAN Sunglasses
« on: 05/06/10 04:14AM »
If they're scratched I'll give you $50.

Hay everyone, my coworker is putting up his SHOW ROOM condition Gxs'r up for sale.  :19:

Like the title says... 1850 miles on it. Black, with silver belly and red accents. Shinny OEM pipe, with Battle Ax's tires.
EXTRA GEAR>>>>>>> Gloves, 2 helmets, ICON leather jacket......

Great first timer or some thing to get around on with out the race rocket back pain.
$6000, motivated to sell.

PM me for contact information and location. 


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