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General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: can two bikes fit?
« on: 03/29/10 03:16PM »
Hahah , i wont be trying to roll the bike up backwards  :2: .  Thanks for the info and we will be testing it out.

General Motorcycle Discussion / can two bikes fit?
« on: 03/29/10 02:43PM »
can two bikes fit in the back of a Tacoma?  I have been wanting to start going to the track.  A buddy of mine has been going for years and has a Tacoma and we are going to try and see if two bikes will fit.  Any one out there done this?  Any Pointers?

Thanks for the info.  I have seen the video review for stg and it sounds pretty good and the price is awesome as well.  I just wanted to see how it stood up next to an AlpineStars or Dainese suit.

Any one have this suit or know much about it?  I have seen the review from but was curious if anyone had it or knew somebody that does?  I want to start going to the track and want to get a good quality suit but I also dont want to go broke.     


Thanks for the info

I am curious to see what the rpms are at on the freeway going 80 or so?  I bought my bike used a year ago and got new sprockets I had them keep it stock 15 in front and 43 on the back.  Now it seems like i have longer gears and my RPMs  are lower.  I trying to figure out what the bike had before.  The sprockets were thrown away at the shop so I can't check those.  I did count the rear one and it was 43 though.

Off Topic / Re: any1 tried the shake weight??
« on: 02/18/10 04:26PM »
only six minutes a day! hahaha

I have a zx636 and just got the driven kit.  I went stock on the sprockets and got the 520 chain.  I will be installing it on Saturday.  I talked to Eddie at Samurai Moto and he said if you get + - the speedo will be off along with the mileage.   It can be fixed with a speedo healer though.  FYI

Wow. Good for you. Did the offending car stop at least?

the offending car did stop.  I heard him talking to the police and he said he saw her, but i doubt he did other wise he would not of turned left across all 3 lanes cuasing her to hit him.  I thought she was going to be able to stop in time.  

Yah I had to stop to help out, I think I was pretty shocked myself seeing her go down.  The way she slid into the curb her shoulder and head hit first and she didnt appear to be moving at first when i stopped.  My heart was racing.  Then she rolled over onto her back and some other drivers that stopped were talking ot her.  Then i ran over and waiting for the police to arrive.

Female rider on Cruiser in her 40's was riding in center lane when car in right lane decides he wants to merge all the way over the the far left turn lane approx speed 10 to 15 mph.  Rider tried to change lanes to avoid car all the way into the far left lane as it was being pushed to do so.  She ended up hitting the left side or left  back side of the car and went down and slid into the curb.   Speed was probablyu 20ish upon impact.  I Called 911 and a Ambulance and Fire truck came arrived shortly.  Gave a Police report with another woman who witnessed as well.  The rider appeared to be ok but did not attempt to get up or move very much.   

A scary thing to witness when your a rider yourself.  There were about 5 other cars that stopped as well to help out and attend to the situation. 

Ride Safe out there. 


General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Suomy Helmets!!
« on: 09/01/09 10:33AM »
From what i have heard from reviews the Suomy's make alot of noise.  If you want a super light helmet (3.08 ounces) and quite helmet get a Shark RSR2.  They also have good airflow.  It all comes down to head shape and preferences when looking at the Top 5. Arai, Suomy, Shoe, AGV and Shark are all great helmets.  Try them on to see what fits the best.  Scorpion as well makes a great helmet for a lot less money. 


Off Topic / Re: WTF has this country come to...
« on: 08/28/09 12:21PM »
Most disturbing part:

"The vehicle that hit the motorcycle also ran over one of the victims. The vehicle dragged the woman's body for more than a quarter of a mile. The SUV had to swerve back and forth in order to dislodge the body from the vehicle before it sped off. The driver of the SUV made no attempt to stop."

at a loss for words...

yup the helmet is still available.


ha to bad there are no pics from passing cars laughing at me.  Since i had just split past them earlier. 

yeah just ran out of gas.  I wasnt taken out by fabrizio.

Lol. Atleast u didn't have haga or fabrizio behind u cooking rice through a turn at 100 lol. Still that sucks. I had never done that in 6 yrs of riding until a month ago on a cbr600rr 2006. Was a deceptive situation

true, i would be thinkin 25 points, then aww 0 points. 

Run out several times on the bike.  

One time coming down Ortega to Lake Elsinore, at night.  Sputtered just as I started down the hill.  Shut off the engine cuz I new I could coast all the way to the bottom and thought there might be enough to get home after that, but no, wouldn't restart.  There are no gas stations nearby, so started walking home (1 miles) with my gear on and carrying my helmet.  About of the way someone pulls over and offers me a ride because he noticed the bike, then me, and figured I needed help. He was a biker, of course.  

So get home, get the SUV, go get gas, fill the bike and ride it home.  Then ride my bicycle back to the SUV to retrieve it.   :-[

sounds like a long night.

hahaha man that sucks. how far did you get after the fuel light came on?

I think i made it was about 40 miles.

Ahhh that's funny, and not funny at the same time.  I did the same thing on Tuesday but I was lucky.  I pulled a Mad Max Biaggi and shook my bike and it worked another block.

yeah i shook it a couple of times and it would start and give me about 2 seconds of throttle. 

Yup, i ran out of gas on the way to work down PCH.  Luckily i wasn't to far from the Chevron past main st.  I only had to push 3 blocks or so.  I had good momentum at first but the light turned red.  I now know the limits of my tank.


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