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Tales of the Road / Saturday's Angeles Crest review!!!
« on: 08/09/09 09:26AM »
So 7 of us started out in Orange county and took the journey up to Angeles Crest. It was definelty worth it. I ride ortega but this was so much more fun. The traffic was almost non existant down some of the canyon roads. There are some spots you can get pretty fast before dropping into corners and not having to worry about brake lights in front of you. it was intense. I was also riding the bridgestone 016 which i discovered is an amzing tire. If you have not been here you need to go with some fast riders to help you get a feel for the intense speeds this place offers. enjoy and i am telling you that this place is a must if you hit the right roads.

i say if/when you get pulled over...wait for the cop to walk up, punch him and haul ass like a bat out of hell...with no plate if you get away, no harm. but on the other side if he catches you...well, nice knowing you.

by no means do i actually condone this type of behavior and results may vary. :)
that is pretty funny, i don't condone punching cops either(well unless i am drunk and then i would not be riding)

It is an 04 r1. Yes it is currently registered to me. I thank all of you for your input, I think i will leave it off then. I dont care about the $25 fix it tickets if I can get out of paying toll roads for a little bit, red light camera tickets, etc. And in my opinion it just makes the dual pipes stand out a heck of a lot more. It is like having a girlfriend with a smoking hot ass and she is wearing a license plate on it. HAHA!!

I tried to be cheap and wanted to mount my license plate through my passenger footpegs because i feel it looks cleaner. So instead of paying $180 bucks for comp. works kit eliminator kit just so i could get the bracket, I used Zip Ties. They came loose and I have not put my plate back on. My plate is stored under under my passenger seat currently. Will they impound my bike??

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