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Hi everyone--
I got these rattling sound that sounds like a free spinning pulley. It happens when I give it a quick burst of gas in Park and Neutral. There are some problems with my car already: Power steering is leaking, timing is off, car shakes when stopped in gear, and my car will not always start in drive and will never start in neutral; I wiggle with the gear lever back and forth a bit before it starts, and there's a quick puff of white smoke when I start, but not always, however oil looks fine, coolant level stays the same. Also, gotta leaky rack and pinion. I'm in process of fixing these, but wanted to know what this sound could be. it's automatic transmission. Could it be the timing belt tensioner? idler pulley? anything with the power steering? thx

Hi everyone--
I got a friend selling his spot in Socal Trackdays for 100 bucks. This is for Chuckwalla on Sunday November 6th. The normal price is $175. Socal Trackdays has no sessions, so you can ride as much as you want.

Hi everyone--
I got a friend selling his spot in Socal Trackdays for 100 bucks. This is for Chuckwalla on Sunday November 6th. The normal price is $175. Socal Trackdays has no sessions, so you can ride as much as you want.

Parts For Sale / HIDs for sale
« on: 08/09/11 01:35PM »
Hi everyone--
I have a friend selling and installing HIDs. PM me if you would like to buy or buy/install.


I am hearing that there will be a lot of cops and tickets flying all over tomorrow to us bikers. Does this apply to palomar or is it ACH only?

Hello everyone--
Please shine some light on the differences/advantages/disadvantages amongst linear and progressive springs in the front forks.

Thank you

Parts For Sale / 08 gsxr 600 misc. parts for sale
« on: 06/12/11 09:47PM »
ECU $200

stock stabilizer $70

ignition with key $150

lens covers $20

convert your GPR for your 08+ gixxer - $50

triple clamp $50

Power Commander III (missing back cover) $165

front brake calipers $90

Parts For Sale / grips and tank pad for sale
« on: 06/12/11 06:57PM »
Grips are 10 bucks. Spyder grips used for a day.

Tank pad is 15 bucks

Parts For Sale / fairing parts 08 cbr 1000rr
« on: 06/12/11 06:33PM »
Hi everyone. Selling some fairing parts I do not need for a 08+ cbr 1000rr.

Tank cover new $220

Front fender new $125

Lower new $120

Left side fairing new $225

Right side fairing used and damaged as seen below $100

Nose under plastic $30 shipped.

learned how to use the windows live movie maker a bit and changed up my video a little. Just having fun :D I'm riding in front of my buddy who's taping.
<a href=";hl=en_US&amp;rel=0&amp;hd=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0&amp;hd=1</a>

i'm the one in front of my friend who has the camera. on the yellow cbr.

don't know how to embed it yet though.

trying to convert the mp4 file from the go pro to wma or whatever so that I can upload to the windows movie maker to add sound. I am looking for a free software without a watermark.


Off Topic / need help connecting to wireless on ipad2
« on: 04/20/11 10:49PM »
hi everyone,
trying to help mom out to connect to her wireless network on her ipad2. I am connected to her wireless, but it still won't go on the internet. I am trying to change her router settings to correct this issue. Currently it's set to WEP and I think I need to change that. But, change it to what?? help!!!! lol thx

I see that recently carpool lane has been modified and most of the yellow is gone and it's replaced with a lot more broken white lines and solid white lines. Is a solid white line same as a solid yellow? Is it okay to cross? I say this because yesterday on my way home, I saw a lot of cagers going right through them. I like staying in carpool lane as it is more likely that a cager won't change lanes. Now, I don't have that comfort anymore. rrrrr. oh well.

Off Topic / question regarding my statistics class
« on: 04/03/11 04:12PM »
the question reads: "the average age of customers is less than 40 years old....."
why is the greater than or equal the sign pointed towards the null hypothesis? to me it looks like it should be pointed towards the age. I know the way it is written is correct, but I don't get it. Help??

Parts For Sale / WTB: track tire take offs
« on: 04/01/11 12:49AM »
Hello everyone--
going to the track April 15th. Not sure when I'll go to track again since the wedding is in June. So, looking for a set of take offs that'll be safe for me to ride on for a track day. Interested in Dunlop GPA 211, Bridgestone 003 or whatever you may have for the track.

Thank you

We had our engagement photos taken last weekend and ofcourse had to include my bike in some of them. I received the photos today and wanted to share my joy :)

Gear For Sale / Joe Rocket 1-pc suit for sale
« on: 03/03/11 11:38PM »
Hello everyone--
I am selling the suit for my roommate. He bought it online when he was deployed overseas. He came back to find out it is a bit too tight on him in the upper leg area. He wore it only once when we rode together. Only worn for a few hours and never been down. Knee pucks never seen ground. So pretty much brand new.

It is size 42. Price is $600.


Born and bred on the fastest asphalt we could throw at it, the SPEEDMASTER 5.0 SUIT is the brainchild of our factory riders, who’s input has created the most functional, durable, and aerodynamic suit ever conceived. Cutting edge design, superior materials and extreme field-testing are used to bring you the look, feel and performance you demand.

    * 1.4 to 1.7mm Cowhide
    * Titanium reinforced shoulders
    * C.E. rated protectors in shoulders, knees and elbows
    * Schoeller® Keprotec™ sleeve and leg panels
    * Removable spine pad with pocket for optional C.E. spine protector
    * Aerodynamic speed hump
    * Free Air™ perforated ventilation system
    * Molded shoulder vents
    * Beveled knee sliders with ceramic compound
    * Curved sleeves and legs
    * Optional Speedmaster Suit Liner

Hello everyone--
I'm looking to get new rear turn signals. I like the looks of rizoma. Also, they seem pretty bright, comes with it's own resistor for the speed of the signal and designed for anti-vibration. So a lot of good things, but so darn expensive at 40 bucks a pop. So, 80 dollars just for little lights. Might have to if that's what I want, but wanted to know if you guys would suggest an alternate at a better price.


Hello everyone,
I was at Mach1 today and saw they had two brand new jackets for sale for cheap. one is alpinestars black size medium leather jacket for 200 bucks and a large alpinestars mesh jacket for 100 bucks. I really liked the leather one and tried it on, but I already have an alpinestars jacket. so, spreading the deal. Mention my name (Jason) to Jimmy.

sorry no pics. but they are new in the bag.

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